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the chronicles vladimir tod by canadainprincess


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March 17, 2009
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  The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

“Henry, I can’t take blood from you.”
“Hey, Vlad I’ve been wanting to tell you something since the 3rd grade, bite me.”
“Henry. Stop.”
Henry sits in front of Vlad.
“We can’t call Nel, you won’t take any from me.”
Vlad goes to stand up, but his legs give out.
Henry catches him.
“I don’t feel so good.”
“You need blood!!! Your so pig-headed!”
Vlad looks down at the ground.
“I can’t be inconvenient to everyone.”
Henry gets up and walks over to the kitchen counter, moving a cup of blood out of the way, he grabs a small knife from the stand.
“Henry, what are you doing?”
He smiles and starts to walk to Vlad all the while holding the knife closer to his wrist.
He winces as the knife slashes the shallow skin on this wrist, careful not to hit a vein.
“Henry! What are you doing??!!”
“Take it!”
“I can’t! Why would-”
Henry pulls Vlad in closer presses his lips to his own, and then to his bleeding wrist.
Vlad takes in the scent of the blood before instincts take over and his fangs find the skin.
“Vlad, please…ah!”
Henry watches as Vlad holds the wrist to his lips and drinks, flicking his tongue down it, sucking on it.
He immediately closes his eyes.
‘It feels so…hot.’
Vlad puts down Henry’s wrist, pushing him down onto the floor and straddling him.
Henry opens his eyes at the sudden movement.
“Vlad, what are you doing?”
“Henry….you’ll always be here with me, right?”
He leans in, his face closer to his friends now.
Putting a hand on the back of Vlad’s head he pulls him down, their lips breaking the distance and touching each other softly for a mere moment.
Vlad comes up slowly looking Henry in the eyes.
Henry smiles at reaches up to remove the bandages from his neck, revealing his mark. The mark his most loved one had put on him. The mark of fangs.
They were kids when it happened, it had been there since he was 8.
Vlad smiles as well as his fingers go up stroke the mark.
“I’ve always been here when you needed me, right?”
Vlad nods and places a kiss on his lips again.
“Henry…I really…love you.”
Henry moves his head to one side, exposing the old bite marks.
“Vlad, take it…right here.”
He points to his neck.
Vlad frowns a bit.
“Are you sure?”
Henry nods and rakes a strand of raven hair from Vlad’s eyes.
“I am ‘YOURS’ after all…aren’t I?”
Vlad nods.
“Yours in Eternity….”
Vlad leans in for another kiss, dipping a tongue into Henry’s open mouth. Being careful not to cut him with his fangs.
His hands start to clutch the back of Vlad’s hair, fingers lacing in midnight black hair, pulling him down for more.
Vlad finally moves Henry’s head to the side, trailing kisses down his neck, a touch here, a flick of the tongue there.
Finally Vlad whispers to him.
“It might hurt a bit…”
Henry nods.
Vlad lets his fangs extend coming out of its long hiding in the day.
He looks down at the bite mark on Henry, then places his lips to it.
Opening his mouth he places his fangs to the skin and pierces the flesh.
Vlad inches his fangs a bit deeper to hit something.
Henry’s arms and hands find there way around and down Vlad’s back, scraping at the skin through the material of the black hoodie currently on him.
Vlad starts to suck at the rich liquid of Henry’s blood, so rich. He hadn’t tasted it like this before, savoring the taste, letting it flow into his senses.
Henry moans out a bit as Vlad pushes deeper, his hips grinding into his.
Vlad smirks as he feels Henry, his arousal hard between the two of them.
He inches a hand between the fabric, grasping at the object there.
Henry bucks upwards, gasping at the pleasure and the fangs still imbedded in his neck.
Vlad’s hands finds the zipper to Henry’s pants and as he does so he fangs retract from the other’s neck.
“Henry…right here…I…”
He continues to experiment, sliding his hands down the front of Henry’s pants, feeling the growing heat and hardness there.
Henry smiles and pushes Vlad back undoing his pants he rest of the way, pulling Vlad’s apart as well.
He slips his own hand down the front of his pants pulling his and Vlad’s harden length out of the restricting material.
Vlad lets a groan out from between his blood covered lips.
Henry puts them together rubbing the flesh on each other between his hands.
Both boys let out of flurry of gasps and moans, not holding in the pleasure.
“Henry…ahhhhh…I feel weird….mmmm….”
Vlad bucks up into Henry’s hand more.
“Vlad…ahh..I think I’m coming…feels too good.”
His pants start to come out harsher, his cheeks a tinted pink, and he sees the same in Vlad, his pale skin now a light pink from the heat.
“Vlad…bite me again…I wanna come while you bite me…Vlad…”
Vlad lets out another moan putting a hand around Henry’s encasing the hardened lengths.
Henry leans down, his neck a mere centimeter away from Vlad’s mouth.
The hands work harder, the room is filled with the sound of harsh breathing.
“Now, Vlad…”
“Ahhh…Henry, I love you…”
His fangs pierce the flesh, this time in a harsher manner, and that alone is enough to coax climax from the boys. Henry can feel his self falling, Vlad’s growling, his fangs in him, his arousal touching, grinding into his.
Vlad sinks his teeth in deeper for the last time before coming with Henry, the warm liquid coming out in thick streams down his pants and abdomen.
Vlad releases Henry, him slumping down to lay on top of the raven haired boy.
“I love you, Vlad…I’ll always be here…just for you…”
Vlad lets out a smile, still cute despite the fact that his face was still covered in blood.
“I’m glad…I need you here with me, Henry.”
He wipes his mouth and leans up placing a sweet kiss on Henry’s forehead.
I am the first to defile the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod!!!
Ever since I read the part in “Ninth grade slays” about Henry trying to get Vlad to bite him, I wanted to write yaoi…I really love that pair in the book. I looked everywhere for Fanfiction, or even pictures…couldn’t find any. So I done my own!!! I’m part of the Minion Horde (fan club) for the book…I hope Auntie Heather (Minions name for Heather Brewer) doesn’t look down on me. If you havent read the book, and this does not make any sense…GO READ IT!!!!
Thanks everyone!
Hope you enjoyed that little one-shot.

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod is COPYRIGHT by Heather Brewer
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